Topsy Turvy (Pilgrim KLP 31) 1969 UK *


A wonderfully fun entry from the tail end of Britain’s Christian beat phase. More ‘60s AM pop-oriented than other bands in this scene, yet teeming with energy. These four guys love reckless fuzz guitar, using it liberally alongside their go-go organ and doo-woppy bubblegum harmonies. Intensely cheesy sounding but in a positive sense, recalling the carefree era of old Cuff Links and Tommy Roe. ‘Satisfied’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Preacher Man’ are all electrifying tracks, each with a heavy dousing of fuzz guitar. ‘Why?’ is an irresistible number with choppy rhythmic guitar chords coupled with some of the looniest ‘60s harmonies on record. A few songs like ‘World Of Pretence’ have catchy string-and-brass pop orchestration that actually works a charm, even if it does make things a bit cluttered. Also some slow tunes like the title song, a great mushy hug-your-honey slow dancer. Twelve original songs, all written by lead guitarist Eric Williams. Irritate the critics – find a copy and play it loud! See also the 7-inch section. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1-2.have you ever wondered
1-3.why after day
1-6.preacher man
2-1.dreams of pretence
2-4.what will my answer be
2-5.topsy-turvy world
2-6.wave goodbye