Moving With The Brooks! (Light LS-5607-LP) 1972












No way when I bought this thing did I think I’d actually end up keeping it. Reasons? 1) The label – you know, Ralph Carmichael, etc. 2) They’re a family – three sisters and a brother. Uncool. But mostly 3) get a load of that kid – he looks like he’s about 12 years old! Well, as soon as I put on track one I was pleasantly greeted with a racing bass line, dynamic organ, a cutting electric lead and wah-wah guitar! Realistically though The Brooks have more to do with The Partridge Family and Brady Bunch than anything that would have come out of your FM dial in the early ‘70s. No problem here – I fondly recall my weekly fill of “c’mon get happy!” and Laurie Partridge (smile). So if you like sassy top-40-minded pop-rock with an edge, well… looks like these teens deliver. Oh, that kid? He’s the lead vocalist! At least he’s over the annoying Donny Osmond stage. Most songs written by Gassman-Leiken or Ralph Carmichael, plus a couple by Andrae Crouch. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).
















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1share it with your friends3:54
1-2like a lamb who needs the shepherd2:47
1-3give a little bit3:54
1-4it won't be long3:28
1-5no greater love2:24
2-1thank you for doing it so well2:52
2-2what are we gonna do3:23
2-3take a little time3:18
2-4people's prayer3:33
2-5the day after4:45