Maranatha (Disciple DRC 1035) 1973?



Brad and Brace’s debut is actually a fine little folk item, again with some light country influences and mostly original songwriting. Nice Phil Keaggy-like 12-string guitar on ‘Friends’. Seagulls and softly breaking waves join flute in backing the delicate closing track ‘The Old Man And The Sea’. Quaintly pleasant – a warm cozy kind of sound that gently snuggles right up to you. Same custom label as the Harlan, John, Todd album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1-1.happy and free
1-2.wandering child flowers in the spring
1-5.the ship
2-1.maybe tomorrow
2-2.child of a king
2-4.when I looked up He looked down
2-5.where I’m bound
2-6.the old man and the sea