Chasing A Rainbow (Topaz TLS 1225) 1979



Catholic lady’s custom-made collection of lighthearted optimistic folk/pop songs. Not much religious content to speak of, although the back cover says the songs describe a person on a journey, “searching, wondering, reaching, hoping, believing and becoming human”. Usually a gentle playful mixture of acoustic guitar and keyboards (piano, electric piano, synthesizer), plus bass, drums and female bgvs. Saxophone and flute bring a soft jazz edge to cuts like ‘I Haven’t Got The Answer’, ‘Dreamer Unrepentant’ and the ethereal ‘Send My Love’. Crosses into a heavier rock sound for ‘Don’t Run Little Fool’ (good electric guitar solo). Nice stroll-along organ groove on the closing ‘Doin’ My Thing’. All original songs. A Dominican Sister from Edmonds, Washington. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 Cheer Up
02 I Haven’t Got The Answers
03 Don’t Run Little Fool
04 Send My Love
05 Chasing A Rainbow
06 Come One of These Days
07 Prelude – I Wish
08 Dreamer Unrepentant
09 What Is Love
10 Doin’ My Thing