Jesus Said Let’s Be Friends (Revelation R7076) 1976?



The biggest draw for this obscure homemade folk lp would no doubt be the presence of Danny and Lynda Kimer of the group First Revelation. In fact it’s on the same custom label as the Danny & Lynda/First Revelation albums. Danny’s electric guitar does get a decent heavy fuzz growl on ‘Sounds Of Friendship’. Most of Rita’s album, however, consists of slow acoustic or light electric songs, some of which suggest First Revelation’s ballads (especially when Lynda’s synths are present). Several songs feature a trumpet in the background which accentuates the album’s Spanish flavor. Nice acoustic guitar work from Danny. First Revelation’s drummer Bob Argiro is in here as well. Eleven of the twelve songs were written or co-written by Rita. Primitive cover drawing of Jesus with arms outstretched adds to the local appeal. Profits from the album went to a ministry to provide homes for abandoned Peruvian children. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1There’s A Reason2:40
1-2Oh What A Joyous Day2:25
1-3Spirit of Gifts2:13
1-4De Coloures De Hesu3:07
1-5Smile At Me1:59
1-6Praise The Holy Spirit2:06
2-1Sounds of Friendship2:58
2-2I Praise You Jesus2:04
2-3The Greatest Healer2:35
2-4I Prayed To Jesus2:48
2-5In The Face Of Fear2:43
2-6The Depth Of A Step2:08