Turning Point (Koinonia KR 142626) 1974?


One of a handful of lps from friends of Koinonia Farms, a Georgia-based Christian community founded by the Reverend Clarence Jordan. Other Koinonia albums include Michael Kelly Blanchard’s debut and Friends, both of which are excellent. Well, looks like you can add Lucine Michaels to the list, too. This is stylish hippie folk/pop and ballads with catchy commercial arrangements (strings, woodwinds, brass) and touches of soul and flower power. Beautiful voice, too – the whole project reminds me of early Judy MacKenzie. Koinonia’s emphasis on ministering to the poor and oppressed comes through loud and clear, and while there’s little overt spiritual content, the portraits painted in Turning Point culminate in the sound collage ‘Kaleidoscope’ which concludes and hits home with the words of Christ proclaiming “whatever you do to any one of my brothers you do it to me.” (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 Life’s A Passing Season
02 Turning Point
03 Island Dream
04 Scarlet Banners
05 Satisfied Mind
06 Joy Is A Traveler
07 House Without A Door
08 It’s So Unreal
09 Leroy
10 Kaleidoscope