Livin’ In The Sonshine (New Born NB 7012) 1978? Canada *


Although mostly a light-to-middle-ground rock act as you’d expect with the NewBorn label, British Columbia’a Love Chapter Band show themselves capable of stirring up a heavier rock edge when called for. Enough that the group’s second lp City Of Refuge was seen fit to be one of the introductory releases for the heavier sister label Tunesmith. Livin’ In The Sonshine has some worthwhile moments, though one gets the impression of the band not having quite carved out their own niche yet. Includes covers of Lamb’s ‘The Sacrifice Lamb’, Bethlehem’s ‘Just A Prayer Away’ and the MOR ballad ‘Make Me An Instrument’. Also experiments with funky disco on ‘God’s Will’, lighthearted honky-tonk r&r on ‘Jump In’. ‘Where Will You Go’ and the title track are both good solid rockers that anticipate the harder edge of City Of Refuge. The band was part of the Ambassadors In Mission program of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Where Will You Go
02 – The Sacrifice Lamb
03 – Joy Comes
04 – No More Reason
05 – Jump In
06 – Just A Prayer Away
07 – God’s Will
08 – Make Me An Instrument
09 – Livin’ In The Sonshine