Lost and Found #3 (Tempo R 7103) 1975


Someone asked about a Lost and Found album. I have two “Sunday Afternoon” which had three songs that skip forward so was unable to record those. I do have the rest of the album. Then I have this one, which was a thrift store find. Personally the cover is what caught my eye and I like it better than the album itself, personal preference.  diakoneo




01 – All Hail The Power
02 – The Love Of God
03 – Good Morning, Dear Lord
04 – Nearer, Still Nearer
05 – Turn Me On! Light Me Up!
06 – I Just Wanta Tell You That I Love You
07 – Let Me Love
08 – Be Delighted In The Lord
09 – Time For Jesus
10 – Hallelujah! What A Savior!
11 – Just As I Am