Passio Secundum Mattheum CD/LP (Korea, Si-Wan, SRML0001)2009/1972  Italy *


Si-Wan label LP edition (edition of 500 copies) of rare 1972 album (their first) by Italian Progressive Rock band Latte E Miele. Top shelf Italian progressive rock! Gate-fold sleeve, #d edition of 500.

‘In English their name means ‘milk and honey’, indicating their religious backgrounds. The band formed in Genova in 1970 at a very young age, inspired by the first album of Emerson, Lake And Palmer. At their first public appearance in 1972, their drummer was on 16 years old! Their first album Passio Secundum Mattheum was a surprisingly mature work, being a rock opera based on the Gospel of St. Matthew. This work included choral voices and musical references to J.S. Bach’s “Messa Requiem”. This is classical rock stripped of the conceited keyboards solos the Keith Emerson pioneered. The massive keyboards of Oliver Lacagnina don’t emphasize his technical abilities, but are aimed at bringing keyboards to the fore. Some of the ‘orchestral’ parts are performed on the mellotron. Marcello Dellacasa’s acoustic and electric guitars also have an important supplemental role. The overall result is a very good fusion of progressive rock and classical music with excellent production values!




01. Introduzione 2:20
02. Il giorno degli azzimi 1:27
03. Ultima cena 1:49
04. Gelzemani 4:16
05. Il processo 1:30
06. I testimoni (1a parte) 6:05
07. I testimoni (2a parte) 2:19
08. Il pianto 1:49
09. Giuda 0:59
10. Il re dei giudei 1:26
11. Il calvario 7:06
12. Il dono della vita 3:44
13. Mese di maggio 4:28
14. Tanto amore 3:49

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