Haul Away! (PAX 1002) 1974? UK *



Mostly average Fisherfolk-ish material on this guitar/piano folk item from UK m/f group of ten or so. Worthwhile for a few first-rate charmers with female-only vocals, namely ‘Autumn Song’, ‘As Gentle As Silence’ and ‘Gold For The Sun’. One of the lead singers is Eileen Greaves – she was a member of The Sowers who had an earlier much better acoustic lp. Includes a cover of John Ylvisaker’s ‘I Will Give My Baby’. A couple of older guys in suits right alongside those three long-haired chaps on bass, guitar and drums. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




01 All The Nations
02 Haul Away
03 Autumn Song
04 The Carpenter
05 As Gentle As Silence
06 I Will Give My Baby
07 Do You Know
08 Let All That Is Within Me
09 Gold For The Sun
10 Now Jesus Said
11 How Dark Was The Stable
12 Ask And You Will Receive
13 O Glorify The Lord
14 There Is A World