United Saints Of America (Star Song SSR-0002) 1977



Jim Gill is one of those unique voices in the Jesus music scene, a lazy-voiced folk, country, ccm, talking blues, rock, island pop, whatever-he’s-in-the-mood-for sort of guy that moseys half-awake through titles like ‘Master Charge’, ‘From The First Bite’, ‘Talkin’ Testimony’ and ‘Witless Witness’. The latter works in the melody from CSNY’s ‘Our House (along with a few tweaked lyrics). Jim on 6 and 12-string guitars, harmonica and psaltery, assisted by several others, including Tom Autry (keyboards) and Fletch Wiley (flute, trumpet). Not quite the Christian Leon Redbone, but still the kind of humble off-kilter weirdo our lives could all stand to have a little more of. Worth owning just to hear him say “hippopotami”. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Promise Ring
02. Master Charge
03. From The First Bite
04. United Saints of America
05. Fellowship
06. Tell Me That Story
07. Christ Hymn
08. Talkin’ Testimony
09. Witless Witness
10. Appreciation