Prophecies Rhyme (Country Oak CO 3004) 1980 Canada *




The Country Oak label was part of the Praise Industries family that also included Tunesmith and NewBorn. Jerry Esno is neither country gospel nor country top 40, but good ol’ foot-tappin’ country folk-rock. Much more authentic sounding than a lot of the Christian cowboy gang, Jerry and his band cruising along confidently with harmonica, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and pedal steel. Dave Boquist contributes some beautiful violin work, bringing a rural progressive edge to tracks like ‘Lord Of The Morning’ and ‘Old Man, I’ve Often Heard’, the latter bearing some resemblance to Water Into Wine Band. Should appeal to fans of Poco, Gram Parsons, the Eagles, etc. Produced by Gamble Folk dudes Scott Malchow and Steve Gamble. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 A Fest Of Freedom
02 New Jerusalem
03 Holy Bible
04 Old Man, I’ve Often Heard
05 Lord of the Morning
06 Do You Have a Place
07 Christian Comfort
08 Lady Of Sweet Testimony
09 All of You That Wonder
10 Inside of You