Dear Jeff (Tap TAP-LP-0030) 1976?



Artful acoustic expressions of the early Bruce Cockburn variety, along with a touch of John Michael Talbot and James Taylor. Original songs rest in a serene acoustic setting featuring skillful, often intricate guitar work that’s fronted by Jeff’s gentle stirring vocals. Some beautiful dreamy surreal moods, particularly the ballad ‘Clouds’. Nice acoustic and electric leads on ‘Tumbleweed’. Jeff is joined by a female vocalist for ‘Leavin’ S.F.A’ and ‘A Wedding Song’. A couple songs are subtly enhanced by soft background synthesizer, while ‘Love You All The More’ relaxes in the ambiance of waves and seagulls. A highly enjoyable local press from Houston, Texas. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – For My Father
02 – Leavin’ S.F.A
03 – Home
04 – More Lovin’ Way
05 – Blue Today
06 – Tumble Weed
07 – Clouds
08 – A Wedding Song
09 – Love You All The More
10 – Sorrows Come Too Fast
11 – Peaceful Passage