I Bought My Wedding Dress At The Drugstore (no label, no #) 1978?


Husband/wife stuff with shades of Ernie Rettino & Debbie Kerner, Mike & Kathie Deasy, and The Pattons. A few too many piano ballads for my tastes, but they do present some likable soft rock, country and folk here and there. Thankfully free of orchestration. Mostly original songs, including ‘Amtrak’, ‘People Come By To Arrange Me’, ‘Open The Harbor’ and ‘Hang Onto This Man’. Anna Mae’s recorder adds a nice touch to ‘Rigaudon’ and ‘What Does A Man Believe’. Fred’s on guitar, while others provide keyboards, drums, bass, pedal steel and dobro. Custom lp, produced by Garry Gamble of Gamble Folk. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – I Bought My Wedding Dress At The Drug Store
02 – Amtrak
03 – People Come By To Arrange Me
04 – Rigaudon – Lay Your Burdens Down
05 – Amazing Grace
06 – Open The Harbor
07 – Hang Onto This Man
08 – What Does A Man Believe
09 – Brother Phil