Spirit-Power (no label OM-01) 1977



Gentle-voiced female folk, pop and ballads singer/songwriter who probably could have hopped on the Maranatha bandwagon alongside Karen Lafferty and Becky Ugartechea had the right ears been listening. DJ on acoustic guitar, plus a small backup band providing light pop and country arrangements to her simple tunes. Her soft breathy vocals tenderly carry the melody on eleven self-written tunes, including ‘My, What A Friend’, ‘Prayer In The Family’, ‘Good Days’ and ‘You And I Are Special’. Instruments include piano, electric piano, synthesizer, harmonica, electric guitar, string ensemble, banjo, mandolin, bass and drums. Atlanta, Georgia custom. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 Spirit-Power
02 My, What A Friend
03 Born Again
04 Please Come Home
05 Prayer In The Family
06 Good Days
07 Today Is The Day
08 What About You
09 Heaven In My Heart
10 You And I Are Special
11 Reach Out And Touch