Come On In (Pilgrim 421) 1976 UK *



Amiable platter of folk and acoustic pop. A John Pantry production featuring several songs from British artists such as Lou Hayles, Graham Kendrick, Judy MacKenzie and Betty Lou Mills. Familiar names assisting musically include Pete Yates-Round (drums), Pete Banks (mini-moog) and Garth Hewitt (harmonica). Dave handles guitar while Dana provides the vocals. Light and easy but with a simple acoustic emphasis that keeps any glossy fluff tendencies safely at bay. Dave pulls out a sitar for their sprightly cover of Meet Jesus Music’s ‘Melchisedek’, while Andre Crouch’s ‘I Don’t Know Why’ bounces along with some exciting lead guitar. Also released in the US on the Sound III label. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come On In
1-2Don't Let Them Fool You
1-3Doing My Job For Jesus
1-4Remain In Me
1-5How Much (Do You Think You Are Worth?)
2-2I Don't Know Why
2-4I Am The Way
2-5If I Tried
2-6Troublesome Waters