Ropes And Yoke-Bars (Stucky SA21280) 1980



High quality acoustic private press of eleven original songs from talented Mennonite folksinger with an ear to social and political concerns. Heavily influenced by and stylistically similar to the ‘60s folksingers, particularly Bob Dylan on harmonica-backed cuts like ‘Gentle Man’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘Mahatma’ and ‘Fare You Well’. Natural rustic down-to-earth vibe permeating songs like ‘Fly, Baby, Fly (Kristin’s Song)’, ‘Storm Clouds/No Need To Fear’ and ‘An Old Song’. Features Chuck on voice, guitar and harmonica, assisted only by Duane Gundy on mandolin, bass and additional guitar. Closing title track is inspired by Isaiah 58:6’s command to “undo the ropes of the yoke-bars to let the oppressed go free”. Part of Mennonite Voluntary Service in Newton, Kansas, “a community of servants committed to loving this world and its people the way Jesus did.” (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




01 – Gentle Man
02 – Uncle Sam – Time To Go Home
03 – Inside Out
04 – Love of My Lady
05 – Mahatma
06 – Fly, Baby, Fly (Kristen’s Song)
07 – Storm Clouds – No Need To Fear
08 – An Old Song
09 – Song for Jonathan
10 – Fare You Well
11 – Ropes and Yoke-Bars