It’s Not Easy Knowing (no label N333) 1974








Bob Nottingham - It's (Fnt)






Moving two-record set of gentle acoustic songs enriched by 12-string guitar, piano, string synthesizer, flute, cello, organ and percussion. It’s Not Easy Knowing has a sincerity and sense of urgency about it, no doubt due to the fact that it was recorded (and partially written) while Bob was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The melodies have a certain poignancy to them while the lyrics often reflect both a sadness for the life that must be left behind as well as the hope and joy of a future with Christ. Bob’s voice is rich and smooth, yet soft and moving. Disc one takes its theme from the life of Christ while the second explores more personal reflections like ‘My Life Has Been A Song’, ‘I’d Rather Live In The Past With You’, ‘If I Could Wish’, ‘You Can Play ‘Til You Hear Me Call’ and ‘Let Me Pick A Willow (A Soft Goodbye)’. Some beautiful stirring moments here, not to mention quite an inspiring testimony. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).









Bob Nottingham - It's (In Lt)


Bob Nottingham - It's (In Rt)


Bob Nottingham - It's (Bck)








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Song #Song TitleTime
A1Was Our Savior Born To-Night4:04
A2A Gift To Us4:02
A3So Many Shades Of Gold2:54
A4As A Child3:42
A5Take The Time to Count Them4:44
B1My Eyes Are Scarred So Deeply2:42
B2One Will Come to Kiss Him3:04
B3I Felt So Helpless3:24
B4Hast Thou Forsaken Me3:31
B5Just A Plain And Broken Man2:36
B6Look For The Lord In Today3:47
C1My Life Has Been A Song4:19
C2I’d Rather Live In The Past With You2:48
C3For A Hundred Dollars4:12
C4If I Could Wish3:03
C5It’s Not Easy Knowing4:20
D1If You’re Gonna Judge Me3:02
D2You Can Play ‘Till You Hear Me Call3:29
D3I’ll See The Lord On Sunday Morning3:44
D4So Innocent and New (Baptismal Prayer)4:35
D5I Always Thought I’d Write A Song2:42
D6Let Me Pick A Willow3:27