Without Wax (no label 4101-40) 1974



If I told you this gentle folk outfit from four Franciscan Sisters and one of their brothers sounds a lot like the equally obscure Berakah that probably wouldn’t help much, would it? Quiet, meditative, and flowing with guitars and piano sharing the forefront, topped with adorable harmonies. Seventeen original songs and a very eye-catching cover with orange, black, and white patterns. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Never Ending Love – A Blessing
02. Walk on a Rainbow Trail
03. Gift
04. Smile About It
05. The River
06. Lord, If We Had Been There
07. Alleluia
08. Caterpillars To Butterflies
09. Irish Blessing
10. Join in the Hymn
11. Our Father
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Come and Follow Me
14. At All Times
15. The People Who Walked in Darkness
16. Long Ago
17. Isaiah 55