Lights Of The City (GPW 36805) 1979



Double live album featuring Ed Gutfreund, Joe Wise and John Pell, along with seven other musicians and/or backup singers. All three gentlemen have solo albums to their credit, the least known perhaps being Pell whose obscure instrumental recordings showcase his talented acoustic/classical guitar work. This particular concert was recorded on May 18, 1979 at Forest Park High School in Cincinnati. Nice simple relaxed mostly-acoustic performances that retain the spoken song intros. A few electric numbers: the boogie-ing ‘Beatific Vision’, the title track sing-along, and ‘Mountain Song’ which has some excellent hard-rocking guitar alongside Skip Kroner’s aggressive flute work. Nineteen selections in all. Private press distributed by NALR and PAA (Pastoral Arts Associates).   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Gathering Song
02. We Will Run
03. Knock Knock
04. The Wind Song
05. Stage Coach Jitters
06. Watch With Me
07. Prodigal Son
08. Beatific Vision Talk
09. Beatific Vision Song
10. Barn Raising
11. Bathe Her in Your Love
12. Mountain Song
13. The Last Time I Saw Home
14. Alphabet Day
15. Prophet Shops
16. Your Bread for the World
17. Learn How Not to Hurry
18. Cathedral Chorus
19. Life is the Answer
20. Lights of the City