Shalom (Renewal SS-16493-01) 1969

Yahweh Rejoices (Alba House AHC 24) 1971

Jesus In The Mornin’ (Alba House AH901) 1972

Hosannah! Praise The Lord (Alba House RAH911) 1974


Folksinger of mild voice with simple uncomplicated presentation using acoustic guitar, banjo, bass and clarinet. Inspired by the Ray Repp/Joe Wise school of early Catholic folk. The melodies aren’t particularly grabbing, but every now and then he scores a real gem, typically one of those minor-key ballads with a dreamy mysterious quality. Background singers (sometimes kids) added with the second album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01. come sing praise the lord
02. how can it be
03. glory to god
04. come spirit come
05. sing out hosannah
06. all of creation
07. praise the father
08. some other man
09. reach out
10. the spirit came one morn