YHWH (Shalom 1137) 1974?



Sounds Of Joy is the type of glossy poprock group that I usually avoid – thick polished vocals, heavy brass and strings, loungy jazz trumpet/sax leads. So what the heck am I listing it in here for? Well, for the most part the album is tolerable. The lead vocalist sounds a lot like Russ Taff and the music has some catchy moments like the Imperials circa Heed The Call. Some electric guitar leads here and there, a slow boogie version of ‘Victory In Jesus’. Still I probably wouldn’t have kept it had it not been for the seven-minute closer ‘Set Free’, a semi-artsy piece that opens with creepy dissonant chords and moaning vocals overtop screams, wails and cackles. Echoed chants of “the wages of sin is death!” follow before drifting into a dreamy symphonic mood with mellotron-like strings. Also boasts one of the coolest album covers ever. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01. springtime
02. so much more
03. without you
04. try again
05. by the way
06. he lives
08. victory in Jesus
09. set free pt1
10. set free pt2