Jesus Is (Praise PRS 216) 1976? Canada *


Charmingly inept Canadian co-ed group whose amateur renderings of ‘You Can Experience’, ‘Psalm 19’, ‘Oh Happy Day’ and ‘Alleluia’ get a sizeable lift from the crude electric guitar and drums. The two guys in the group don’t appear to sing, leaving the nine girls for vocals, as well as piano (the primary instrument) and tambourine. The gals’ harmonies are a tad strained and off-key at times, but in a semi-engaging way. Other covers include ‘Come To The Water’, ‘I Know Where I’m Going’ and ‘I Believe’. Not every cut is a winner, especially some of the ones with just piano backing, but overall I still think they’re kind of fun. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. You Can Experience
02. My Son
03. God So Loved The World
04. Come To the Waters
05. I Know Where I’m Going
06. Whatcha Gonna Do
07. Jesus
08. Sometime
09. Psalm 19
10. I Believe
11. Oh Happy Day
12. Alleluia