Time Of The Harvest (Liturgical Press 8146-7234-5) 1982














Intensely stirring surreal contemplative acoustic album that’s like an unplugged version of Shekinah with a hint of John Michael Talbot. Time Of The Harvest was written and performed by members of St. John’s Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, primarily Neale Powell Lundgren. Lundgren plays guitar, synthesizer and percussion, while Timothy Backous and Paul Richards assist on vocals. Beautiful dreamy music enhanced by hypnotic acoustic guitar work and moving harmonies on titles like ‘Play, O Wondrous Awe!’, ‘Prelude To Joy’, ‘Come’ and ‘The Anointing’. Usually just guitar and voices, although ‘Soul Dancing’ has a moody jazz quality with velvety saxophone (from Richards) while ‘Intimacy’ has gentle synthesizer breathed into the background. Creative lyrics, some of which have Jewish inspiration (‘Sefirot’ and ‘Kol Dodi’). From the title song: “Pulsing earths ready, wet moons pulling up, leafless shoots steady, web a holy cup.” Subtitled Songs For Three Voices – St. John’s Abbey. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).







Neale Powell Lundgren - Time (Bck)






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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Smoke of the Incense-sefirot
1-2Prelude to Joy
1-3Play O Wondrous Awe
1-4Soul Dancing
1-5Kol Dodi-Instrumental
2-1Kol Dodi
2-2Time of the Harvest
2-4The Anointing