I Send My Light (Pastoral Arts PAA AA12) 1978



Some of the most beautiful examples of the late-‘70s meditative Catholic folk style can be found on the Pastoral Arts Associates label. He Shall Be Peace (The 10:15), Tim Schoenbachler’s All Is Ready, and these two from Marty Haugen are all gorgeous collections that touch the heart with moving worshipful melodies. I Send My Light finds Marty as part of an eight-person outfit called Windspirit. They create a charming soft acoustic atmosphere via delicate m/f harmonies, 6 and 12-string guitar, piano, organ and various woodwinds (flute, oboe, bassoon). Comparable to Ellis & Lynch’s best moments, with some particularly beautiful female solo singing on ‘All Flesh Is Grass’. Other stirring selections include ‘Come, O Lord’, ‘Trust’, ‘Love Endures’, ‘God Is Our Refuge’ and the recorder-backed title track. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-01I Send My Light
1-02Create In Me
1-03Manna In The Desert
1-04The Lord Is My Light
1-05Come, O Lord
1-07Hope In My Soul
1-08Come Unto Me
1-09All Flesh Is Grass
1-10Love Endures
1-11God Is Our Refuge
1-12Sing Every Morning
1-13For All My Days