Life’s A Rainbow (Sharon SHLP 1247) 1972 UK *



UK folk sextet applying their spunky ‘60s acoustic sound to titles like ‘Open Up Them Pearly Gates’, ‘My Father’s House’, ‘Stayed On Jesus’, ‘This Train’, ‘My Lord What A Morning’, along with some fresh original songs. Zestful guy/gal harmonies, backed by rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar and banjo. One piano ballad with solo female vocals. Better results than the suits portend. From an Assemblies Of God church in Upper Gornal, Dudley, Worcs. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




01. Open Up Them Pearly Gates
02. Bethlehem
03. You Don’t Knock
04. Where is God Today
05. My Father’s House
06. The Rainbow Song
07. Stayed on Jesus
08. Rich Young Ruler
09. This Train
10. My Lord What A Morning
11. I Am The Way