A New Day Is Beginning (Oasis 1001) 1975 UK *



Guitarist and singer Mark Williamson becomes the group’s seventh member for A New Day Is Beginning. This is a much more polished sound than Life’s A Rainbow, with pop and MOR influences weighing heavily. Still a folk group at heart I suppose, but the vocals are a lot smoother and their acoustic sound has been broadened to include piano and string synthesizer, making the ballads in particular now come across like pure easy listening. Also some electric guitar edging a few songs into a light rock or folkrock format. ‘Jesus Makes The Difference’ states that Jesus is “like the cocoa in a chocolate bar”. Produced by Dave Pope who also appears on vocals. Williamson had some subsequent solo lps. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Following You
02. Lazarus
03. This Side of Calvary
04. Another Tale
05. Jesus Makes the Difference
06. I Didn’t Think it Could Be
07. I Am a Rock
08. Jesus Loves Me
09. This is My World
10. Let the River Flow
11. Love One Another