No Substitute (Listen/Praise PRS 356) 1977


Kathy Herivel joined the band for No Substitute. More mellow pop, MOR, contemporary gospel and ballads with electric piano, strings, horns and happy male/female harmonies, most of it fluffy and bland, but aided by occasionally catchy songwriting on tracks like ‘Shades Of Light’, ‘Without Him’ and ‘So Praise The Lord’, all of which are swept up by likeable sunshine melodies. A few light jazz touches here and there, plus some country piano for ‘Bible Revival’. Not a drop for you rockers though. Members Dan Nelson and Scott Warrender have also released solo albums (see entries). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Shades of Light
02. Without Him
03. All Things
04. Fall In Love
05. Bible Revival
06. Child of the King
07. You’ve Got A Friend
08. So Praise The Lord
09. Who Can Know Better
10. There is Not a Thing (That the Lord Cannot Do)
11. Forever