There’s A New Wind Blowin’ (World Library FR-1930-SM) 1970?



Presbyterian choir director who in the late ‘60s began to sense stagnation in the mainline church music scene. Seeing the appeal of the folk style, he began writing, playing, and singing thusly. David’s early lps have that folky Catholic period feel, strumming guitars, banjo and percussion led by an expressive semi-traditional voice (you’d expect that from a choir director, right?). Musically the most obvious comparison would be Ray Repp, though voice-wise the man’s a dead ringer for John Ylvisaker. There’s A New Wind Blowin’ is a fairly bare-bones production with vocal backing by St. Andrew’s Folk Band and Singers for a “common people” effect. Features thirteen of David’s songs, bright zestful tunes alternating with soft melancholy expressions. David also plays classical guitar on the album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01. the joy song
02. we come praising god
03. is but a road
04. go forth
05. all
06. beyond a dream
07. o lamb of god
08. there is a new wind blowin
09. where do you see god
10. the door you try to open
11. the lords prayer
12. when i witness
13. a part of me