Breath Of God (No label BRE-7713) 1977



Respectable male/female California custom of soft rock and folkrock. Lean homemade sound for the most part featuring acoustic and electric guitars, flute, bass, drums and keyboards (piano, electric piano, string synthesizer, organ and synthesizer). All original songs, including fine examples of boogie (‘Back Sliding Blues’), rural acoustic rock (‘Comfort’), mellow ballads (‘Love Goes On Forever’), light-n-easy country rock (‘Wash Your Blues Away’) and sunny folkrock (‘What God Hath Promised’). Unusual synth sounds on ‘Pontiac’, a song about not putting your trust in material things. Nice wah-wah electric guitar on ‘Resurrection’ and the Bridge-like closing track ‘Stay Tuned’. Very cool primitive cover graphics depicting a silver descending dove against a slate blue background. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Prince of Peace
02. Love is First
03. Back Sliding Blues
04. Comfort
05. Love Goes On Forever
06. Wash Your Blues Away
07. Pontiac
08. What God Hath Promised
09. Shine Upon Me
10. Resurrection
11. Stay Tuned