Clouds Of Glory (Promise PRM 7001) 1979



Sometimes Bob Turek and his four friends echo the delicate folk/pop mood of artists like Frank Dumin which is certainly a good thing. Elsewhere I caught some snatches of the meditative style of Joe Wise’s ‘70s work. Mostly a folk to homemade light rock sound on this Cleveland, Ohio custom. A small group of female singers provide backing vocals. Electric guitar surfaces on ‘He Came As A Baby’ and the friendly rock-and-roller ‘The Son Keeps A-Shinin’, while twangy dobro adds a nice country lilt to ‘Jesus Is Lord’. The cover photo of clouds supposedly has a natural image of Christ in it but my unenlightened brain couldn’t make it out. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Hello Jesus My Old Friend
02. Clouds of Glory
03. The Soul Keeps A-Shinin’
04. Jesus The Son
05. Lord Teach Me To Love
06. A Little Child Like You
07. We’re Born Again
08. (I Am) The Alpha and Omega
09. He Came As A Baby
10. Jesus Is Lord
11. Shalom (My Peace Be With You)