It was suggested that I start a Top 10 favorite Albums post. There are so many really great albums from this period. It is very difficult to pick 10 favorites. Then too I have not sampled all the albums that are out there yet. They asked to be able to post their own favorites in the comments section. They asked if maybe Ken Scott and others might also post their favorite albums. So for any readers who would like to post their top 10 albums leave a comment with your list. At present I think my top 10 would have to be these:

1. Caedmon – Caedmon
2. Knights of the Lords Table – Knights of the Lords Table
3. Search Party – Montgomery Chapel
4. ‘Ark – The Angels Come
5. Kentucky Faith – Fool’s Gold
6. Malcolm & Alwyn – Fool’s Wisdom
7. Lifelime (UK) – Life’s a Rainbow
8. Reynard – Green Anthem
9. Noel Paul Stookey – Something New and Fresh
10. Kenn Guliksen – Charity

Then if I select these I have to leave out so many many more great albums. Really, to me, it would be the current album that I’m listening too. Other great albums would have to conside these and How many more can I find?

Marantha Singers – The Praise Album, The Joy Album
Jancis Harvey’s Albums
Isabel Baker – I Like God’s Style
Brushwood Lauel – Build Me A Cabin
the Holy Ghost Reception Committee albums
Aslan albums
The Joyful Noise albums
Azitis – Help
After The Fire’s Albums
Bob & Bernie’s albums
Verne Bullock – Uriah
John Carlson Band – No Longer Strangers
Carpenter’s Apprentice – Changes
Gamble Folk albums
Family (Australia) Albums
Chenaniah – Chenaniah
Concrete Rubber Band – Risen Savior
Czerwono-Czarni – Miza Beatowa
Daiel Amos albums
Petra albums
Degarmo & Key albums
Eden albums
First Revelation’s albums
Sue Gaines – Wake Up Children
Glass Harp albums
Phil Keaggy albums
Keith Green’s albums
Linda Rich Albums
Loy Hayles albums
IHS Band – The Answer
Debby Kerner – Come walk With Me
The Last Days – The Last Days
The Last Adam – The Last Adam
Tom Lepinski – The Glory News
Barry McGuire albums
Debby Kerner and Ernie Rettino albums
Shiloh’s albums
Simple Truth’s – Ain’t Jesus Good

To name several more albums and artist.

I hope those who can will add their list in the comments on this post.