New Vibrations (Light LS-5561-LP) 1971?



This one’s not too shabby, though I must say it pales next to Smash & Grab World. The main difference is in the vocals which are provided here by Ralph Carmichael’s Young People, with John Bahler and Kim Carmichael as soloists. Described as a “quest in folk rock”, New Vibrations has some pleasant artful pop and quasi-rock, often infused with a groovy now-sound jet-set mentality that keep things on the level. A couple easy listening low points, but they also cut loose on the last track with a soulful rocker. Much more interesting than other Young People projects. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Life is why
02. Love and understanding
03. Slices of today
04. Searching
05. New life new me
06. Wheres Christmas
07. I want to be pt 1
08. I want to be pt 2
09. Windows of a life forgotten
10. Once upon a cross
11. New vibrations