Songs Of The Morning (Bridge S 2279) 1974





Songs Of The Morning is even more endearing, with fuller arrangements that bring out the beauty and clarity of the acoustic guitars. Moving orchestration added to a few songs – got to say I’ve never heard strings as lovely as they are on the opening ‘Steal Away’. The ballads ‘II Corinthians 4’, ‘Rain’ and the title track all duplicate the stirring moods heard on their debut. A hint of The Seekers on ‘Rockaby My Soul’ and ‘One Way’. ‘Love Of The Lord’ with its lively fiddle accompaniment holds true to a rustic folk approach, while ‘Where Does God Live?’ possesses a haunting minor-key presence befitting of UK folksters like Pentangle. Both of Take Three’s albums are essential for the Christian folk enthusiast. Bonnie also has a couple excellent lps (see entries under Bonnie Casey). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).






01. Steal away
02. Where does god live
03. Love of the lord
04. II Corinthians 4
05. Oh god
06. Songs of the morning
07. Rockaby my soul
08. Father
09. Today is another day
10. Rain
11. One way

This one is available at this site.