On The Slate (Word UK WST 9548) 1975 UK *



Equally enjoyable follow-up album in the same mellow jangling melodic British folk style. On The Slate includes ten original songs, plus a cover of ‘Turn Your Radio On’. The use of electric guitar adds depth to their sound: ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Thinking’ are both enriched by decent solo passages, the boogieing ‘Counterfeit Man’ gets a fuzz lead toward the end, and the delicate ballad ‘Take My Hand’ is gently backed with wah-wah guitar. ‘Wasted Life’, ‘Jesus On My Mind’ and ‘Money’ are all vibrant brisk-moving songs, the latter’s chorus cheerfully warning “the love of money is evil’s open door”, ending with the cha-ching of a cash register. Other titles include ‘Sing It For You’, ‘You Are Everywhere’ and ‘To A Pop Star’. Produced by Dave Pope. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – You Are Everywhere
02 – Wasted Life
03 – Jesus On My Mind
04 – Sing It For You
05 – Turn Your Radio On]
06 – Take My Hand
07 – Lifestyle
08 – To A Pop Star
09 – Counterfeit Man
10 – Thinking
11 – Money