He’s Back (HIS-001-S) 1973



Co-ed California acoustic folkies (three guys, one girl) who sound like they belong smack dab on one of the early Maranatha samplers. This custom album is a bit reminiscent of Phoenix Sonshine and Suncast with a melodic no-drums jangly 12-string sound filled with acoustic leads and simple harmonies. A couple Love Song covers (‘Front Seat, Back Seat’, ‘Two Hands’), along with versions of Children Of The Day (‘New Life’) and Doug Goins (‘Hard To Believe’). A number of originals as well, titles like ‘SonShine’, ‘Matthew 6’. ‘Thank You Father’, ‘This Man Is Jesus’ and ‘Unseen Observer’ all possessing a sunshiny warmth befitting of the group’s name. From Santa Fe Springs, California. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Sonshine
02. Front seat back seat
03. Matthew 6
04. Two hands
05. Thank you father
06. New life
07. Hard to believe
08. This man is Jesus
09. Unseen observer
10. He’s back