Apple Of My Eye (B’nai Yeshua PD 7801) 1978



Fine custom lp of Hebraic music from a ministry known as Brethren Of Jesus. All songs are written by the band and are presented in a minor-key folk style not unlike early Liberated Wailing Wall with a dash of 2nd Chapter Of Acts in the vocals. Those who hear this album will be clapping their hands. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Hak a dosh y’israel
02. The ark of the covenant
03. Who shall tell my god
04. A new covenant
05. Nach p’sah drachenu
06. Blessed be the lord
07. I choose you
08. How lovely is thy dwelling place
09. Sing unto the lord a new song
10. Oh god you are my god