Something More Than This (RSR 735) 1976



Good down home Georgia countryside brand of folkrock and acoustic rock with Mike and Jerry providing songwriting, lead vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, assisted by five others who add tambourine, bass, drums, banjo, harmonica and bgvs. Some nice lead vocals by Cindy Wheeler on the album’s opener ‘Sunshine’s Comin’ Out’, making me wish we could have heard more of her. Then again, Mike and Jerry also have voices that are well suited to the group’s pleasant wholesome rural sound. Bright melodies as well as solemn moods, some upbeat, some laidback and relaxed, with titles like ‘Eastern Cruise’, ‘Billy Sunday’, ‘To Find The Rainbow’, ‘Startin’ All Over Again’ and ‘The Call Him Love’. Jerry and Mike also have solo lps (see entries). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01. sonshines comin out
02. eastern cruise
03. billy Sunday
04. to end the rainbow
05. you can have life
06. startin all over again
07. i need you
08. let the music begin
09. they call him love
10. guide me lead me