The Way Of The Wolf (Seabury SP-90270) 1970


Episcopal clergyman, writer, composer, guitarist and singer presenting “the Gospel in new images”. Reminds me of John Ylvisaker, the hip music, the smooth voice, the metaphorical lyrics. Most of the songs are simple pleasant acoustic tunes, piano ballads or mellow rock backed by a few instruments. ‘Magic Balloon’ is mildly radical with its rock beat, psych edge and soulful organ accompaniment. ‘Brand Of The Tiger’ also has noteworthy percussion and rock rhythms, while ‘The Numbers Game’ rocks gospel style with lively piano. Two of these songs would be covered by Rising Hope on their Farewell To The Shadowlands album (‘Come Gather Children’ and ‘Secret Of The Stars’). Martin is on guitar and vocals, assisted by others on drums, bass, percussion, piano and additional guitar. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

I was saddened to discover that the author, composer of these works has passed away.

I would encourage you to buy a copy of his books.




01. brand of the tiger
02. wait for September
03. the numbers game
04. what more can i say
05. walls and things
06. magic balloon
07. mama cried
08. incarnatus
09. come gather children
10. secret of the stars

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