Stories From The Way Of The Wolf (Seabury SP-80570) 1970


Bell, Martin - Stories From Way Of The Wolf


A companion piece to the above album featuring spoken stories/parables over musical backing. Bell has the perfect kind of voice and sensitive delivery to pull this type of project off as he narrates the stories of ‘Barrington Bunny’, ‘Rag-Tag Army’, ‘Noel – The Lone Ranger’ and ‘Wood And Nails And Colored Eggs’. The music is generally quiet and in the background, shifting in and out of solemn moody passages, blues grooves, dreamy avant garde, classical guitar/piano and organ rock beats, each mood subtly enhancing Bell’s words without drawing undue attention to itself. Bell’s parables are certainly thought provoking and out of the ordinary, and while the overall vibe doesn’t have the chaotic weirdness of John Rydgren or Pat Berkery, the album seems to share a kinship with those types of project. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Martin Bell - Stories (Bck)




01. barrington bunny
02. rag tag army
03. noel-the lone ranger
04. wood and nails and colored eggs

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