Happiness (Happiness 1183) 1974?


Is this like the most common Christian band name or what? This particular Joyful Noise has a completely home-made happy garage folk/pop sound, made even more awkward by the loungy trumpet leads. Strumming acoustic guitars, bass, drums, organ, flute, ordinary male/female vocals – and that flippin’ trumpet, all coming together like a primitive no-budget subset of Up With People. Still some schlocky “real folks” appeal in spite of the obvious drawbacks, plus the brass thankfully gets set aside a few times. Mostly original songs, including ‘Just Like’ which says that not believing in God makes as much sense as a “four-door grapefruit”. Also an instrumental cover of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ where the trumpet and “doo doo doo” harmonies attain maximum lounge sainthood. From somewhere down Southeast I think. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Song #Song TitleTime
02With me in mind
03One of those things
04Four door grapefruit
05Did you ever love
06A little bit of happiness
07Walking in the light
08Jesus loves me
09Jesus loves me
10My Jesus
11Amazing grace