Sing A Song Of Love (NALR ZS74) 1974


Sing A Song Of Love is my personal favorite from Joe’s catalog, with graceful lead acoustic guitar over lilting melodies. Primarily a mellow folk format with acoustic guitar backing and seven male/female backup singers, periodically expanded to include piano, banjo, flute, violin and oboe. Attractive minor-key presence within ‘Blessed Be God’ and the haunting ‘Come Thou Holy Spirit, Come’. Other titles include ‘The Earth Is Full Of The Goodness Of The Lord’, ‘Lord By Your Cross And Resurrection’, ‘Words Of Institution’ and ‘Searching For The Lord’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Song #Song TitleTime
01Come Thou Holy Spirit Come3:36
02The Earth Is Full Of The Goodness Of The Lord2:43
04Your Name O Lord3:01
05Holy Holy1:31
06Lord By Your Cross And Resurrection0:53
07Sing A Song Of Love2:48
08We Will Celebrate2:43
09Words Of Institution1:37
10Searching For The Lord3:25
11Glory And Praise Forever1:09
12May The Angels4:05
13Blessed Be God3:38