Songs For The Beautiful People To Get Ready By (People’s Music PLP-7) 1969


The opening song ‘Jesus Is His Name’ has an exhortation to “shout out the name of Jesus!” which is exactly what they do (one rather loud screeching female in particular). It’s a perfect start to this high-energy folk lp backed by electric instrumentation with flute, drum, and tambourine accompaniment (yes, there is a beat!). Some minor-key south-of-the-border sounds and solemn acoustic ballads as well. Swinging saxophone makes a couple appearances. All words and music by Jim Scannell who has kind of a deep voice, still well suited to the folk medium. Some songs he sings solo, others are done in folk sing-along fashion with the Believers. Reminds me of some of the early World Library artists. Quite a spirited production. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Jesus is his name
02. dear holy spirit mine
03. eyes
04. I’ll sing my praise to you lord
05. lord help us
06. prerequisite
07. growing pains
08. i have a dream
09. my god
10. the word made flesh
11. know the love,grow the love
12. the lonely Christ
13. do whatever he tells you
14. the beautiful people