Weave Me The Sunshine (Music City Workshop WRS 7401) 1974?


Early one from their Scarritt College days. A purely acoustic endeavor with guitars, banjo and bass, extolling such virtues as eatin’ ‘Goober Peas’. Their usual mix of spiritual material (‘Life’s Railway To Heaven’, ‘Hymn’, ‘Through It All’), popular songs (‘Dueling Banjos’, ‘I Believe In Music’, ‘Broomstick Cowboy’) and originals (‘And I Love You’, ‘Who’s That Coming’, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’). Obviously this is ground that’s been covered many times before, but these boys do it as good as anybody. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Dueling Banjos
02. Goober Peas
03. Life’s Railroad to Heaven
04. I Believe in Music
05. And I Love You
06. Weave Me the Sunshine
07. Who’s That Coming
08. Hymn
09. Broomstick Cowboy
10. Through It All
11. This Train
12. The Lord’s Prayer


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