Play Anyway (N J Carl NJC 21013) 1979?

Singer/songwriter Alan Basham’s delicate stirring tenor sets the perfect tone for this vibrant artistic set of folk and rural acoustic rock originals. Basham plays both guitar and piano while six additional musicians add in bass, drums, mandolin, mouth harp, string synth, background vocals, plus additional guitar and keyboards. Worth it alone for ‘The Search’, told from the perspective of a Cherokee warrior as he gazes out into the testimony of nature, while the music glides along with hypnotic bongo percussion and a beautiful velvety acoustic lead. The rest of the album is of equal caliber. ‘Wooden Song’, ‘Blind Man’s Box’, ‘Laughing Wind’, ‘Silent Waters’ – titles like these show that Basham should definitely not be numbered among the trite. Some very touching ballads like the piano-accompanied title track, or ‘Morning Star’ where he’s joined by female singer Sandi Svensson. ‘Gravity Of The Situation’ provides a rare moment of levity, including the line “I’m gonna grab me a comet before I vomit and head back to outer space”. Sometimes sounds very similar to Shiloh, especially on poignant tacks like ‘Silly Pilgrim’. I find this an incredibly soothing work. Record label is out of La Habra, California. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


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01. Wooden Song
02. Tribulation
03. Blind Man’s Box
04. The Search
05. Morning Star
06. Play Anyway
07. Laughing Wind
08. Silent Waters
09. Gravity of The Situation
10. Children Never Die
11. Silly Pilgrim
12. Play Anyway (Reprise)