Sounds Of Salvation (Reflection RL 310) 1974 UK *



Probably the bizarrest Christian progressive folk album ever recorded. “Paranoid” and “apocalyptic” are words I’ve seen used to describe this mega-rare British project. Begins with a lengthy sound collage in the tradition of Blackhouse or ‘Revolution #9’: a strange union of choirs, jackhammers, birds, synthesizer noises, bombs, and advertisements for Dorothy’s Soup Kitchen. A hippie sing-along of ‘Jesus Is The Rock’ ends abruptly with a piercing shriek which is where ‘Overseers’ begins: a driving throbbing Moody Blues-derived acid rocker, segueing into an impassioned reading of ‘Psalm 94’ over menacing psychedelic guitar, screaming synths, and wailing voices. Balancing out the intensity are some beautiful folk tunes, some done straightforward, others backed with crowd conversations, kitchen noises, nature sounds, or in one case a couple of screaming girls. And only here will you find both hymns and a Country Joe & The Fish tune (‘Who Am I’) side by side. Some avant garde poetry readings, including candid prayers recited over ‘Kum Ba Ya’. What planet were these guys from? (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

A little something to get ya thinkin’ on a holiday weekend.




01 – Montage & Because My Mouth
02 – Jesus Is The Rock & Overseers & Psalm 94
03 – Who Am I
04 – Many Regrets
05 – For An Instant & In The Dark
06 – What’s That I Hear
07 – People I Live With
08 – Love III
09 – Kumbaya & Prayers
10 – What Is It Like, Lord
11 – Lonely
12 – For A Little Freedom
13 – Prayers
14 – Salvation Hymn
15 – Because My Mouth (reprise)

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