Before My Eyes (Grapevine GRV 105) 1976 UK *



Sparkling clean soft folkrock and acoustic music from the British duo of Grahame Knox and Ray Steel, with additional instrumental backing by Parchment. Sonrise sounds less commercial than Malcolm & Alwyn or Stewart & Kyle, relying on the strength of their vocal harmonies and giving acoustic guitars the spotlight while avoiding keyboards and orchestration. ‘You Are My King’, ‘Salt And Light’ and ‘Toe The Line’ are all carried along by a strumming folkrock beat, while ‘Heaven Bound’, ‘Mary Magdalene’ and ‘The Healer’ have their floating melodies gently sustained by glistening guitar interplay. ‘Pilgrim’, ‘In The Garden’, the mandolin-backed ‘Sonrise’ – there are so many beautiful songs on here. Melodic, peaceful, expressive – the kind of music you put on and people start saying “hey, that’s real pretty”. All eleven songs written by Knox. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


01 – You Are My King
02 – Heaven Bound
03 – Salt And Light
04 – Pilgrim
05 – Mary Magdalene
06 – Toe The Line
07 – The Healer
08 – Two Thousand Years Ago
09 – I Have Seen The Lord
10 – In The Garden
11 – Sonrise