All The Roads (no label KS40010) 1975



All The Roads is about as nice as a guy/gal acoustic duo gets. Kevin and Clare Sarkissian’s album is an excellent collection of cutting-edge folk originals featuring soft close-knit harmonies hovering over wholesome jangly guitars, gentle finger-picked moods and fresh acoustic leads. Thoughtful lyrics throughout, with song titles like ‘Jesus For A Token Dime’ and ‘Tuesday Or Any Other Feeling Blue Day’, the latter featuring some nice Dylan-ish harmonica from Kevin. Ranges from fragile and dreamy (‘For The Ones I Love’) to solemn and convicting (‘Crucifixion’) to bright and plucky (‘Beloved Son’). Mostly just guitars for backing, although the addition of piano on ‘I’ve Been A Sinner’ and the title track blends in perfectly. Electric guitar and tambourine bring a mild hippie raga psych edge to ‘Bless Me Father’. Kevin has one of those gentle Paul Simon kind of voices that perfectly complements the album’s moods. Portrays a genuineness from start to finish. Private press from Claymont, Delaware. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Special thank you to Ozark Ken. Also a special thank you to Steve for the improved cover.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1All the Roads 2:50
1-2That Love of Mine 2:21
1-3Bless Me Father 4:24
1-4I've Been a Sinner 4:02
1-5Kiss for a Friend 2:42
1-6Feel Like I Belong 1:50
2-1Silent Night-Reflections 3:11
2-2Beloved Son 2:51
2-3Tuesday or Any Other Feeling Blue Day 3:16
2-4For the Ones I Love 1:14
2-5Crucifixion 2:42
2-6Jesus for a Token Dime 4:07
2-7Priceless in His Eyes 4:10