The Mark Of Time (BJ USR 6223) 1974



The Mark Of Time is a project of the Jim Wilson Evangelistic Association, Inc. out of Orlando, Florida. Wilson, whose father worked with Billy Graham, introduces each song with a brief sermonette. The music is provided by Jerry Williams (later of the popular group Harvest), “perhaps one of the most appealing and melodious Christian folk singers on the modern scene and he creatively plays a beautiful classical guitar.” Agreed. His eight songs have the lyrical serenity of Gordon Lightfoot, enhanced by some lovely dual acoustic guitar interplay, plus bass and drums. Impressive cover painting of Christ superimposed over modern images of skyscrapers, a truck on a highway, an airplane, a boat and a couple headed to their car. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Special thanks to Ozark Ken for the music.



1. the mark of time
2. children gather ’round
3. the time seems right
4. here
5. heaven song2
6. come abide
7. I am
8. love is calling