Movin’ On Up (OE LPS 866) 1977?


Big step forward with a cleaner crisp rural folkrock sound and some assistance from Rising Hope members Chris Adams (bass) and Ross Johnson (guitar, mandolin, synthesizer, producer). Includes a couple of their songs plus more by Randy Matthews (‘All I Am Is What You See’, ‘Evacuation Day’), a pair by John Fischer (‘Simple Pleasures’, ‘Matthew’s Blues’), plus four Whetstine originals. More of an electric sound, including some cool fuzz guitar on a couple tracks. Acoustic guitars have plenty of opportunity to sparkle as well. ‘Matthew’s Blues’ is the fave here with its hypnotic Santana-like beat and spacey synth backing. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





1. movin on up
2. all i am is what you see
3. simple pleasures
4. get it together
5. Matthew’s blues
6. song of praise
7. love to pass the ages
8. Jesus came down
9. little one my love
10. evacuation day